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So here goes, my first official blog!  I’m suppose to be writing about eating in and recipes etc.  and here I am going out to dinner tonight.  Well, I guess I will be also writing reviews of restaurants on here too.    : )  Tonight we are going to one of my favorite restaurants in LA with two of my favorite people, Ginger and Robert.  They are two of the most creative people we know.  Both were just at our weddings in San Diego and in Bali (I may post a couple of photos later)  Ginger is a world renowned hairstylist and owns Planet Salon (my second home) on Robertson in Beverly Hills.  Robert is a world renowned photographer who works with the top people in the world of advertising and fashion.

It sounds kinda nice to say “world renowned”  I think I am going to have to do something soon so I can get this title as well!

Anyway, Cafe Med on Sunset Plaza is where we are going.  The food is wonderful!  The best are the homemade pastas and the pizza!  I am always trying something new, where my husband orders the same thing at every restaurant we go to.  At Cafe Med his choice is the “pizza calabrese”  (basically pepperoni pizza)

Well, I’ll let you know how the food was and what I decide to make for tomorrow night!